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Aficionado Perfume Gift Set of Roll On Fragrances (Set of 7)

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Rs. 4,999

A marvelous gift for a perfume aficionado, or an addition to a scent maverick's wardrobe.

The pack contains 7 luxurious perfume oil fragrance blends in 3ml roll-on bottles. Ideal for on-the-go, roll it on whenever you need a refresher; stock it in your dresser, or better still carry it in your bag.

Paraiso(Paradise) is a scent that invokes feelings of being in bliss. The refreshing notes of apple, lemon & neroli uplift a soothing base of vanilla Serenity and calm!

Fonte Azul(Blue Fountain) - a feeling of being by the ocean with the fragrance of fresh flowers wafting by.

étreinte de oud(Oud Hug) One of the world’s most desirable scents, a prized staple in the opulent wardrobes of Sultans and Pharaohs, Oud is also referred to as “Black gold”. Its intoxicating muskiness with bittersweet earthy woody nuances are potent and even in smidgeons, incredibly sexy and long lasting.

espezia erori(Spices Fall) A tempered melange of spicy scents that promises to be playful and demure at the same time.

beau mystère(beautiful mystery) Beautiful mystery - a fresh and crisp fragrance that engulfs you on cold winter nights and befriends you on hot summer days.

noite oud(Oud Night) - The velvety spiciness of Oud seduces immediately - an evening soiree in the cold winter, a sultry night out or a date night in, Noite Oud is the perfect fragrance to opt for. Simultaneously intense and refined, it opens with citrusy notes, the aroma of 'natural' oudh is distinctively irresistible with some notes of leather, musk and sandalwood leaves an imprint in your mind as unmistakable and mysterious.

flor de nardo(Tuberose Flower) Known as ‘the carnal flower’ ,in Victorian times, tuberose symbolised ‘dangerous pleasure’. Unusual & bold, like an explosive bouquet of aphrodisiacal white flowers - Floral, Sweet, Rich, Slightly Spicy, Sensuous.

Elaborately crafted and layered, Perfumish’s perfume oil blends are made with natural ingredients and essential oils for a long-lasting scent. Tones of florals, citruses, spicy and woody elements come together for deeply scintillating and alluring scents that are entirely refreshing and wearable.

Feel great when you use our clean perfume oil that’s safe, cruelty-free, and paraben-free and comes in eco-friendly packaging too. Perfumish's Personal Fragrance line of 7 complex fragrances inspired by nature.

Our Perfume Roll-Ons do not contain alcohol.

Quantity : 21ml (7 Roll-Ons x 3ml each)

Keep the bottle cap closed to avoid leakage. Avoid storing the perfume bottles in extreme heat.

Perfume Oils, Glass & Tourmaline

1 x Set of 7 (3ml Perfume Oil Roll-on Bottles each)

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